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R.E.E.F is a young Malagasy NGO, that is to say a non-profit organization. It was born as a joint initiative by people united by their love of scuba diving. An awareness regarding the dangers which are threatening the corals pushed them to find a scientific alternative to serve the conservation of the marine environment. Volunteers all across the globe are supporting this cause.

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Contact: +261 32 07 961 58
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Blog of Reef Madagascar

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The big wealth of the tropical world is largely in seas… Corals, an ecosystem -which offers a big faunistique and floral specific diversity-  give to the exploration of sea bed, an attraction to part. This rich ecosystem, is present near Nosy Be and allows to several...

Located in the Northwest of Madagascar in approximately 900 kilometers from the capital, Antananarivo, the island of Nosy Be and its islands offers the possibility of discovering Madagascar otherwise. Some names it the paradisiac island, others qualify it as the island of perfumes but as it...